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The Event:

Participants cycle, run, or walk distances of their own choosing and at their own pace. They raise money from friends and family as they do. The required fundraising minimums are $500 for adults and $250 for youth. With the exception of the 100 mile cycling route, all routes are out and back along Queen’s Highway. See route detail below. Numerous Support Tents, manned by enthusiastic volunteers, are located at strategic points. Participants will find hydration, energy snacks, first aid, restrooms, shade and resting spots.


Bahamas Hope Challenge helps Bahamians with their fight against cancer.

Event date

11 March 2023


Cocodimama Resort, Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera




  • Participant bag
  • Bahamas Hope Challenge t-shirt
  • Bike transport (from Nassau)
  • Friday night High Carb Dinner
  • Continental breakfast (day of event)
  • On-course nutrition and support
  • Professional bike mechanic support
  • $ for drinks/food day on site only
  • Massage after your ride, run or walk
  • Sunday morning brunch at Buccaneer Club
Support Tents

Well equipped, found along the route.

Bike Transport

We transfer your bike from Nassau to Eleuthera and back again.

Food Events

Free High Carb Dinner, Continental Breakfast before start, lunch at Staging Area, and Après Brunch on Sunday.

Free Swag

Participant bags are the best in the business, loaded with cool stuff!

10 am - 2 pm

March 6th

Packet Pick-Up & Bike Drop-Off at Cycles Unlimited, Harbour Bay Shopping Center, Nassau, Bahamas

2 pm - 6 pm

March 7th

Packet Pick-Up & Bike Drop-Off at Odyssey Aviation, Coral Harbour Road, Nassau, Bahamas

10 am - 4 pm

March 9th & 10th

Packet Pick-Up & Bike Drop-Off, Cocodimama, Eleuthera.

6 - 9 pm

March 10th

High Carb Dinner for registered participants & guests. Reservations & tickets required, Cocodimama, Eleuthera

6:30 am

staging area open

Continental breakfast for registered participants at Cocodimama, Eleuthera

7:15 am

group photo

Bring those smiling faces.

7:30 am


100 milers first. All other cyclists & runners staggered afterwards.

10 am - 4 pm


Wheelies ($) for participants, à la carte for guests. Enjoy great fare and the company of fellow participants, all on Cocodimama's gorgeous private beach.

7 pm

15th anniversary dinner

A very special event to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Bahamas Hope Challenge.

8 am - 11 am

March 12th

Breakfast @ Buccaneer Club for registered participants & guests. Reservations & tickets are required.

3 pm – 6 pm

March 13th

Bike pick-up at Odyssey Aviation, Coral Harbour Road, Nassau. All bikes must be picked up by 6PM, we cannot hold bikes after this time.



The event route and location of official Support Tents are established by Bahamas Hope Challenge. Support, supplies, aid, and signage are positioned along the official route, not elsewhere. By registering, participants agree to follow the designated route.

10 Miles – The 10 mile route, 5 out and 5 back, is gentle and easy and includes some of Eleuthera’s best vistas to the sea from Queen’s Highway. Exit Cocodimama, go left and continue to the settlement of James Cistern. There are a few hills as you pass the airport but they aren’t difficult and you quickly arrive at the memorable coastal arc that sweeps around to the settlement. The turnaround Support Tent is at the north end of town, nestled near the church. Rest, rehydrate and return to Cocodimama.

20 Miles – The 20 mile route continues to be gentle and easy. Exit Cocodimama, go left, continue to James Cistern, and then on to Rainbow Bay. You will pass the 10-mile Support Tent in James Cistern, where you can stop if you’d like to, and then continue to the Support Tent in Rainbow Bay. Rehydrate and rest if necessary, then return to Cocodimama. The return trip enables you to enjoy the great scenery between James Cistern and GHB Airport again – and you will be going downhill as you near Cocodimama!

40 Miles – Gregory Town is one of our participants’ most favorite stops, as local residents manning the Support Tent go all out to celebrate your arrival and take good care of you while you’re there. The route, 20 miles out and back, takes you through Eleuthera’s famed silo-dotted agriculture fields. And, if you’re fortunate you might see a cow or two grazing on the roadside. Be very careful on the hill leading into Gregory Town. Use caution going down and remember, there’s no shame on walking up on your return south. Participants should take note of the 10 mile distance between Gregory Town and Rainbow Bay Support Tents. 

50 Miles – If you’re not an elite 100 miler, getting to Glass Window is the holy grail for our participants. The views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from this iconic geological feature of Eleuthera are spectacular. And the sense of accomplishment on arrival can’t be matched! Exit Cocodimama and go left on to Queen’s Highway. Continue north through James Cistern, Rainbow Bay, Gregory Town, and then onto Glass Window Bridge. Our Support Tent will be on the north side of the bridge. Rest up before your return to Cocodimama!

65 Miles – If you’re heading for 65 miles, you continue north past Glass Window Bridge, through Upper Bogue and Lower Bogue, and on to the North Eleuthera Airport. As you approach Lower Bogue be sure to bear right at the Y in the road. The point will be well marked! We are so grateful to have White Crown Aviation host our Support Tent. If you’ve been a participant since our early days, look around and reminisce about our staging area being there back in the day and marvel at how much we’ve grown! After rest and rehydration, return to Cocodimama.

100 Miles – 100-milers love coming to Eleuthera to get in this annual “Century Ride.” The field includes seasoned cyclists as well as determined amateurs and it’s a real treat to watch both. 100-milers are the only participants who exit Cocodimama and go RIGHT/SOUTH on Queen’s Highway to Governor’s Harbour. We use only the “Up” Hill and then it’s on to the “Banks Road Loop.” At the southern end of the loop you will find Support Tent with hydration and energy gels only. Head back to Governor’s Harbour, back up the “Up” Hill, around the loop. When you complete the loop twice, head back to Cocodimama. From there, complete the 65 miles described above, and finally return to Cocodimama where our team will be waiting to celebrate your finish!.

5K (3.1 miles) – Exit Cocodimama and turn left onto Queen’s Highway. Head north to the Governor’s Harbour Airport. The turn around spot is at the southern end of the airport and will be marked with a cone and flags. Return to Cocodimama. N.B. there are no Support Tents or Water Depots along this route, including at the turnaround point!

10K (6.3 miles) – Exit Cocodimama and turn left onto Queen’s Highway. Head to the Governor’s Harbour Airport. The turn around spot is slightly north of the airport and will be marked with a cone and flags. Return to Cocodimama. N.B. there will be a Water Depot at the turnaround spot.

Half Marathon – Participants love our out and back 1/2 marathon route. Exit Cocodimama and turn left onto Queen’s Highway. After passing Governor’s Harbour Airport, the route sweeps along the gorgeous coastal arc to James Cistern. The turn around spot is slightly north of the settlement. Return to Cocodimama. N.B. half marathoners and marathoners are urged to carry their own water bottle. There will be Water Depots along the way but having your own bottle is a great way to stay hydrated!

Marathon – Our out and back marathon route is fabulous. It includes sweeping vistas to the sea, long straights, hills, and cozy settlements along the way. Your journey takes you north on Queen’s Highway, through James Cistern and Rainbow Bay. The turnaround point is near Hatchet Bay. N.B. half marathoners and marathoners are urged to carry their own water bottle. There will be Water Depots along the way but having your own bottle is a great way to stay hydrated!



Nestled on the edge of paradise is Cocodimama, and it is indeed a Charming Resort. Cocodimama is the perfect location for the Bahamas Hope Challenge. A stone's throw from GHB Airport, this private, beach-lined location can't wait to welcome all of us back.

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